Version 3.5 Release

The production ready version 3.5 is now out of the oven.

During the last couple of months I have been working hard to bring the next level of document store, enabling developers to use the power and flexibility of document stores (JSON structures) directly from their favourite dev language to the database, but without losing the power of transactions and consistency.

This new version comes with a new Web Console, easier to access and use than the shell. Just start your server and go to http://localhost:8090 to use it, this supports DQL as explained in the docs and therefore you will feel like in home if you are coming from any SQL Background.

New improvements in the index implementation and look up algorithm provides faster results, the cursors also had a lot of changes.

New drivers on the way, currently the usual PHP, java, Python, C# and C++ drivers are regularly updated but also I am adding drivers on demand, please drop me an email at info@djondb cialis generika kaufen rezeptfrei with your driver request and I will do my best to have it ready within a week.

What about the license? this is still the same, no changes here so you will be able to use it for free, in any commercial, private or open source solution. Do you need a special license? let me know at and I will be sure to provide you with something that works for your organisation requirements.

In summary I’m very proud of this new version, and I want to hear from you, let me know in which application you are using djondb and I will be happy to add your logo to our customer list, also referencing your web site.


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