djondb is open source

djondb has been created as an open source project since beginning, but was not until now that I opened the code to the public, why? because I think the project is getting to an stable point both in features and bugs, so this is a good moment to share the code and start growing it up with the help of the community.

One of the keystones of djondb is to provide enterprises with a highly consistent database, but ensuring you can build up applications in no time, at this point this is possible and you can create applications in 10 minutes, later I will post examples of how to build applications that uses NoSQL to power up the data management and leverage the effort required to create an application from scratch.

Want to contribute?

There’re several ways to contribute to this project: The obvious one will be to get the code, create new features and help the project to grow up, but there’re other ways to help:

  • Download the database and install it on your own environment, didnt work? great send a request using the support group or post an idea/request using “feedback” (you could find it at the right in djondb cialis rezeptfrei
  • Test the database and submit any bug you get.
  • Improve the documentation creating real life samples that I will copy’n paste in djondb documentation (I will put your name on it)
  • Post a blog about djondb encouraging your friends to use it and spread the word.
  • Need a driver?, post a request on the feedback tool or google support group and we will work on it.
  • Fork the code, hack it and do a pull request using github


djondb uses both a GPL and commercial license, if you have an special condition that requires a different license just contact us at

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